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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

PLDT Enterprise and Smart forge groundbreaking partnership with People in Need to bolster disaster preparedness in Mindanao

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 PLDT Enterprise and Smart forge groundbreaking partnership with People in Need to bolster disaster preparedness in Mindanao

Sealing a pivotal alliance: Leaders from PLDT Enterprise, Smart Communications Inc., and People in Need come together, marking the dawn of a groundbreaking partnership aimed at fortifying disaster resilience in Mindanao. Together, they embark on a journey to harness technology for a safer, more sustainable future. In photo: (L-R), Alfred Mark Rosete, Early Warning Systems (EWS) Program Manager at People in Need; Roberto W. Suzon Business Head, Corporate Relationship Business Head for Northern Mindanao at PLDT Enterprise; Zcyrill Ryan B. Agac-ac, Northern Mindanao Relationship Manager at PLDT Enterprise; and Judee Caroline D. Chaves, Mindanao Relations Head at Smart Communications, Inc.

In a move to advance disaster resilience and sustainable development in the Philippines, the B2B arm of the largest telco in the country, PLDT Enterprise, and PLDT’s wireless arm, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), have announced their latest collaboration with the global humanitarian organization People in Need (PIN). This partnership underlines a shared commitment to harnessing innovative technology to enhance disaster preparedness and response in Mindanao, focusing on the Strengthening Resilience Through Early Action and Impact Mitigation (STREAM) Project.


The STREAM Project, funded by the GSMA Innovation Fund for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action and supported by the UK International Development from the UK government, aims to revolutionize local impact forecasting and early warning systems in 12 municipalities across the provinces of Zamboanga del Sur, Misamis Occidental, Maguindanao del Sur, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur in Mindanao. These areas, identified as high-risk for flooding, will benefit from the integration of PLDT and Smart's advanced Smart Internet of Things (IoT) SIM and Smart Messaging Suite.


Roberto W. Suzon, PLDT Enterprise Corporate Relationship Business Head for Northern Mindanao, highlighted the significance of this collaboration:

“Our partnership with People in Need is more than just a technological endeavor; it's a commitment to safeguarding communities and empowering them with the tools they need to mitigate the impact of natural calamities. By leveraging PLDT's reliable fiber connectivity and Smart's cutting-edge solutions, we are setting a new standard in disaster preparedness and resilience.”


The Smart IoT SIMs will be instrumental in remotely monitoring water levels in flood-prone areas, ensuring timely data transmission to PIN's servers for accurate forecasting. Meanwhile, the Smart Messaging Suite will play a crucial role in disseminating vital information and evacuation alerts to vulnerable communities, enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to imminent threats.


Alfred Mark Rosete, Early Warning Systems (EWS) Program Manager for People in Need, expressed his enthusiasm for the project's potential:

“With the support of PLDT Enterprise and Smart, we are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of those in the most at-risk communities in Mindanao. The STREAM Project embodies our vision of a world where technology and innovation go hand in hand with humanitarian efforts to build a safer, more resilient future for all.”


Additionally, under its disaster resilience advocacy, Smart also recently engaged with PIN during the GSMA's Humanitarian Connectivity Charter (HCC) Asia-Pacific workshops held in Clark, Pampanga, attended by ASEAN delegates. Smart was among the first operators in the world to adopt the principles of the HCC, when it was launched in 2015. The HCC is a set of principles and best practices reached collaboratively between mobile network operators (MNOs) on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a sudden onset emergency.


These engagements underscore the PLDT Group's longstanding #SafeandSmart advocacy, which promotes preparedness and immediate response through network resilience, continuous availability of communication services, mobile solutions and activities, and relief assistance to help communities mitigate disaster risks. Through initiatives like the PLDT and Smart Ligtas Kit program, which has already equipped 10 Mindanao provinces with comprehensive emergency communications packages, the telco group reaffirms their commitment to a disaster-resilient Mindanao.


As PLDT Enterprise and Smart continue to explore new frontiers in the role of technology in disaster resilience and climate action, their collaboration with PIN sets a precedent for how the private sector and the humanitarian community can come together to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time and contribute towards achieving UNSDG No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and UNSDG No. 13: Climate Action. Recognizing climate as one of the top risks in the Philippines and across the PLDT Group, PLDT Enterprise and Smart continue to integrate climate risk management into their network architecture, operations, and customer solutions. The Group leverages its leading technology and digital solutions to help boost adaptation, and resilience of communities most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

“Always moving further, together with our partners, PLDT Enterprise remains steadfast in its vision to not only advance the business landscape but to foster a community where progress and resilience go hand in hand. Our partnership with People in Need is a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good, ensuring businesses and communities alike are better equipped, more connected, and infinitely stronger. With every step, we aim to redefine the boundaries of innovation and collaboration, ensuring that every advancement we make is better for business and transformative for society. Together, we journey towards a future where every challenge is met with a smart, sustainable solution, furthering our collective impact, and driving us towards a brighter, more resilient tomorrow,” concluded Suzon.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Damosa Land Inc. and PLDT Enterprise Power a Vision of Progress Together Through Digital Solutions

January 05, 2024 0 Comments

 Damosa Land Inc and PLDT Enterprise

Seen in photo (From left-right): Lora Valdez Porras, Damosa Land Inc. AVP for Commercial and Leasing Operations, Cary F. Lagdameo, Damosa Land Inc. President, Jay C. Lagdameo, PLDT Enterprise Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head, and Kent de la Calzada, PLDT Enterprise AVP & VisMin Head of Customer Relationship Management officially sign off the partnership between Damosa Land Inc. and PLDT Enterprise.

Damosa Land Inc. (DLI) partners with PLDT Enterprise, shifting from US-based bandwidth to enjoy cost-efficient, stable, and scalable local connectivity solutions. With PLDT Enterprise as their primary connectivity provider for both Davao and Cagayan de Oro locations, DLI now benefits from iGate Premium's delay-sensitive stability and SIP's streamlined voice trunking. A testament to PLDT Enterprise's vision and commitment to providing unparalleled service with 24/7 Enterprise Service Assurance, this collaboration ensures DLI's office workspace clients stay seamlessly connected. 

Through the partnership, PLDT Enterprise’s iGate Premium was able to provide DLI a more cost-efficient, stable, and scalable connectivity with delay sensitivity, while the SIP, with its feature to operate voice trunking via IP, maximized the IP network, reducing cost and communications complexities.

With a trusted client like DLI at the forefront of sustainable real estate property development that provides distinctive elements that enhances living experience, creating self-sufficient socioeconomic zones, and building contemporary and innovative workspaces that espouse collaboration and build meaningful connections in Davao and Mindanao Region, PLDT Enterprise, led by Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head Jay C. Lagdameo, customized the tools and services to support the developer’s specific needs, and bring out their vision to future-proof their company.

Cary F. Lagdameo, President of Damosa Land Inc., has cemented DLI as the leading sustainable real estate developer in Mindanao, as it remains committed to creating innovative and top-quality projects, known for incorporating distinctive elements into their residences to enhance their clients’ living experience, including dedicated spaces for urban farming, breathtaking vistas, and a plethora of options to meet their basic needs.

Having developed an estate and depot that have garnered multiple accolades for industrial development and innovation and staying committed to meet the demands of the continuously expanding market, DLI partnered with PLDT Enterprise to boost operational efficiency so they may better compete and succeed in the growing industry.

With partners like PLDT Enterprise, DLI’s contemporary and innovative workspaces continue to spur economic productivity and business growth, as their locators maximize to espouse collaboration and build meaningful connections.


About PLDT Enterprise

PLDT Enterprise is the corporate business arm of PLDT, the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. Dedicated to delivering innovative fixed-line, wireless, and ICT solutions, PLDT Enterprise enables businesses to adapt to evolving technological needs, optimize efficiency, continuity, and connectivity, and enhance customer experience. With a strong commitment to doing business responsibly, PLDT Enterprise aims to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by enabling digital transformation, championing meaningful innovations, and bridging the digital divide.
For more information, visit

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Madiskarte Moms PH Community Celebrates Three years of Supporting Filipino Mompreneurs with Gawad Madiskarte 2023

October 25, 2023 0 Comments

Madiskarte Moms PH Community Celebrates three years of supporting Filipino Mompreneurs with Gawad Madiskarte 2023

The community of women entrepreneurs, Madiskarte Moms PH (MMPH) is bringing back Gawad Madiskarte to honor outstanding mompreneurs with over P1 million worth of prizes including ASUS laptops, PLDT Homebroadband connection, one-year Canva Pro subscriptions, cash, and mentorship.

The awards showcase the success stories of mompreneurs who have subverted conventional expectations to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. Their businesses are innovative, creative, and run by very hardworking women who do double duty as the glue that holds the family together, runs their household and their business.

Major categories for this year’s Gawad Madiskarte include Diskarteng Angat (Fastest-Growing Business), Diskarteng Digital (Best Multi-Channel Business), and Diskarteng May Puso (Best Social Enterprise). Two major winners per category will be chosen from the Startup Division and Scale Up Division. The former are home or online businesses that recently started and show great potential. At the same time, the latter are businesses that have been running for at least 13 months and are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Special awards will also be given to three deserving finalists. These awards are Diskarteng Malikhain (Most Creative Business Branding), Diskarteng Pasulong (Most Innovative Product), and Diskarteng Home Biz (Mompreneurs’ Choice Award).

Chosen by industry luminaries

The judges for this year’s Gawad Madiskarte come from the business, telco, communications, and creative industries. Maxine Loyola, AVP & Head of PLDT Home Marketing Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Brand Advocacies, has launched the biggest marketing campaigns for the Philippine Internet—from dial-up to prepaid internet cards, DSL, and finally the Fiber broadband we enjoy today.


Joining her are entrepreneurs Jorge Wieneke and Jenny Wieneke, who are Mr. and Mrs. Negosyo and PLDT Home Biz ambassadors. Jorge is a GoNegosyo Angelpreneur who serves as a consultant to aspiring and starting entrepreneurs all over the country; he also created Kalye Negosyo, a mentoring program for budding entrepreneurs. Jenny is an advertising expert with over 30 years of experience building brands and has been a PCE-GoNegosyo mentor since 2015. Entrepreneur Janine Khazaiealiabady, owner of Massage MNL, started her career at a fast food and moved to marketing and online commerce before founding Massage MNL five years ago.


From the creative and marketing industries, the judges are Donna Nievera-Conda, Maisie Littaua, and Marjorie Barretto. 

Nievera-Conda leads the integrated marketing communications agency Stratworks as President and co-CEO, and ID8, a digital publishing agency.

Littaua is the Head of Growth for Canva Philippines, a free online visual communication and collaboration platform launched in 2013. Today, Canva has grown to over 135 million monthly active users across 190 countries, with more than 200 designs created per second.

Barretto, actress, and entrepreneur, launched her own online home and clothing brand Everything Avery during the pandemic and opened her stunning River Garden Rest House for private rentals—a true-blue madiskarte mom.


Winners of this year’s Gawad Madiskarte will receive a trophy created by sculptor Ram Mallari, who works with discarded metal and forms them into provocative works of art in the steampunk style.


Mallari grew up in an impoverished district of Manila with his mother, whom he describes as “madiskarte,” and dedicates his Gawad Madiskarte design to all mompreneurs and his own mother.


Celebrating three years of supporting Filipino mompreneurs

Gawad Madiskarte also ushers in the third year of Madiskarte Moms PH as it welcomes more members to its current 162,000-strong base. An online community, MMPH manages a Facebook group and YouTube channel that gives valuable insights into finding business opportunities for all moms, whether they are stay-at-home or have day jobs and are looking for a side hustle to augment the family income.

MMPH’s online platforms also showcase the success stories of their members and how they can take advantage of social media to market and sell their products. But beyond digital interactions, MMPH is fostering economic growth in communities by nurturing a generation of mompreneurs who contribute to everyone’s success.

Mompreneurs are doers, a force for positive change and empowerment. Two of the most heartfelt messages from their stories are that opportunities are everywhere and that inspiration can come from one’s experience.

Their stories are all different and the women take different paths to get their businesses off the ground and scale up. But one thing that threads these experiences together is an openness to learn and to be part of a community that celebrates all their efforts and ideas.

“Our small business has become our primary source of income,” one mom said. “With it, we are able to pay our bills every month and even have some savings.”

We all can learn lessons from these inspiring moms, and Gawad Madiskarte urges us to celebrate them all.

Know more about Gawad Madiskarte and the inspiring moms of Madiskarte Moms PH by visiting

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

PLDT SME Nation Smart Digital Campus Media Launch

October 26, 2016 0 Comments
PLDT SME Nation, recently launched the SMART Digital Campus at SEDA Hotel last October 12, 2016. Smart Digital Campus is another innovative solution to a more integrated way of learning, powered by superb business solutions with PLDT SME Nation.

The Smart Digital Campus is specifically built for educational institutions, PLDT’s newest suite of wireless solutions redefines the learning experience for students, teachers and even parents with the most advanced digital platforms and Internet connectivity available today. 

 Discover a new world of learning with
PLDT SME Nation Smart Digital Campus
PLDT SME Nation Smart Digital Campus

Smart Digital Campus promises an affordable package equipped with monitoring and e-learning systems: Smart Gatekeeper, Smart Tracker and Smart E-Learning. These three smart steps assure parents and teachers that students’ activities are secured and made more efficient from the moment they step in the campus until they get home.

The Smart Gatekeeper is an automated attendance monitoring solution that monitors students’ entry and exit in real-time. It also enhances student safety by automatically updating the parents via SMS whenever the student enters or leaves the school premises.

The Smart Tracker is an all-in-one solution designed for 24/7 tracking of all school transportation vehicles which utilizes GPS technology to enable schools to monitor the location of their school buses in real time. 

The Smart E-Learning is a fully digitized and integrated learning management platform. The mobile app is equipped with social, gamification features that make teachers and students more engaged in learning. These include e-textbooks, online grade books, and chatting programs that aim to foster a more collaborative study environment.

PLDT SME Nation Smart Digital Campus

“Smart Digital Campus is PLDT’s contribution to improving the local educational system as it permits ease and quality of information access between educators, students, and guardians. With a more streamlined and integrated way of learning, Smart Digital Campus pushes for more collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and productive communication within a learning community,” shares Omni Amisola-Larrosa, PLDT SME Nation’s Product Lead for Smart Business Solutions.

“This is in line with PLDT SME Nation’s vision of empowering future Filipino leaders through providing them technologies to fulfill their potential and contribute to nation-building,” adds Amisola-Larrosa.

Smart Digital Campus will be available starting this month of October 2016. If you want to know more about PLDT SME Nation, more of its products and activities, and what it has in store for the nation’s MSMEs, please visit or you can visit their Facebook Page - PLDT SME Nation.

PLDT SME Nation Smart Digital Campus
Davao Bloggers Society with Ms. Abi Encano - Product Manager of Vibal Publishing, Ms. Corinne Zablan - AVP & Head Channel Sales of PLDT SME Nation, Ms. Omni Amisola-Larrosa - Product Lead of Smart Business Solutions PLDT SME Nation, Mr. Harold Macapagal - President of Nspire Inc. and Mr. Ren Bustamante - Managing Director of Nspire Inc. during the PLDT SME Nation's Smart Digital Campus Media Launch.
Photo Credits to Digital Davao.