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Unwrap Joy This Christmas: Gift a Smartphone with 0% Interest Installment Plans!

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than by gifting yourself or surprising your loved ones with brand-new smartphone? It's a perfect gift to reward yourself for all the hard work, and sacrifices you've made this year. 

This Christmas, make your gift even more special by taking advantage of Home Credit's 0% interest that lets you spread the cost over 18 months on various phone installment plans. With cutting-edge features, improved cameras, and enhanced performance, the latest models are sure to delight and surprise. This means you can effortlessly bring home one of these best-selling smartphones without straining your budget. 

A smartphone is more than just a device; it's a gateway to communication, entertainment, and endless possibilities. Whether it's for yourself, a family member, or a special someone, a brand-new smartphone is a thoughtful and practical Christmas gift to give. Imagine the joy on their faces as they unwrap the latest technology, connecting them to the world in style with the latest smartphone models which are sure to delight and surprise.         

Check out these best-selling smartphone recommendations from Home Credit, the country's leading financial and lifestyle partner.

Realme 10 Pro 5G

Realme 10 Pro 5G

If you're in search of a smartphone that strikes the perfect balance between performance and style, the Realme 10 Pro 5G is an excellent choice.

It offers a blend of power and elegance, making it an ideal companion for your daily life.

This Christmas, make sure to capture every special moment, as the 64MP main camera of the Realme 10 Pro 5G can take high-quality photos and videos in various lighting conditions. It also comes with a range of features that cater to photography enthusiasts, such as RAW shooting and manual mode.

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G is a smartphone designed to leave a lasting impression.

Its design is a work of art, and its performance is nothing short of remarkable. The powerful processor ensures you can handle any task with ease, and the 5G connectivity takes your online experience to the next level.

The 120Hz AMOLED display is another standout feature of the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G, offering a smooth and fluid viewing experience with vibrant and accurate colors. camera system is a marvel, allowing you to capture stunning photos and videos, making your memories truly unforgettable.

Vivo V29 5G 512GB

Vivo V29 5G 512GB

Tired of constantly running out of storage space? Here's the perfect phone for you! The Vivo V29 5G 512GB is a smartphone that stands out with its massive storage capacity and impressive 5G capabilities.

Whether you're into gaming and photography or simply need ample space for your files and apps, this phone has you covered. Its sleek design and vibrant display make it a joy to use, and the camera system ensures you can capture and share your life's moments with ease.


Honor 90 5G

Honor 90 5G

The Honor 90 5G is not just a smartphone; it's a symphony of innovation and style.

At its heart lies the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor, a true flagship champion that doesn't just promise excellent performance; it practically dares you to push the limits of what a smartphone can do.

Honor 90 5G is so efficient that it gifts you with extended battery life. With the Honor 90 5G, you won't be tethered to your charger; you'll be free to explore, create, and connect, all on a single charge.

Whether you're drawn to the power of the Realme 10 Pro Plus 5G, the balance of the Realme 10 Pro 5G, the artistry of the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G, the massive storage of the Vivo V29 5G 512GB, or the innovation of the Honor 90 5G, Home Credit can help you have the perfect smartphone to match your aspirations.

So, make your gift stand out this Christmas by presenting your loved ones with a cutting-edge smartphone that fits seamlessly into their lives. Thanks to Home Credit's 0% interest installment plans, you can spread the joy without worrying about financial strain. Embrace the spirit of giving and treat your family or special someone to a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Unwrap joy, stay connected, and make this holiday season truly unforgettable!

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Shopping Mall Philippines    

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Discover the Best Smart TVs this Christmas Season via Home Credit

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Elevate your entertainment now to enjoy a 0% interest offer this festive time of the year!

With the holiday season just around the corner, many individuals are preparing to enhance their festive experience by upgrading their home entertainment setups. Undoubtedly, the love for great entertainment runs deep among Filipinos, and it's no surprise that their holiday wish lists often feature a desire for a new television. Whether it's for streaming online shows, catching up on favorite telenovelas, or connecting to a karaoke set, a new TV is a sought-after addition.

Acknowledging this trend, Home Credit, the leading consumer finance company in the country, is committed to turning these entertainment aspirations into reality. The company presents a curated selection of top-selling TV brands to cater to diverse preferences. To sweeten the deal, Home Credit introduces a 0% interest offer on various installment options, extending up to 18 months. This initiative aims to empower customers to achieve their holiday goals by providing affordable TV loans, making the dream of an upgraded home entertainment system more accessible.

Explore some top choices for dream home entertainment upgrades this Christmas with these best-selling TV models. 

Elevate entertainment with Samsung's Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV 55”

Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV 55”

Indulge in a mesmerizing cinematic journey with Samsung's Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV 55". This impressive 55-inch television delivers a stunning 4K HDR display that brings movies, sports events, and games to life. Its sleek Titan Gray design, versatile connectivity options, and immersive audio system make it the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup.

Equipped with the Tizen Smart TV operating system, the Samsung Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV 55" offers Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI and USB ports, and a user-friendly remote control. The crystal-clear resolution of 3840 x 2160p ensures a breathtaking picture quality that enhances your viewing experience.

Immerse in crystal-clear viewing with LG's 4K Ultra Smart TV 43”

LG 4K Ultra Smart TV 43”

The LG 4K Ultra Smart TV 43" opens the door to an unparalleled viewing experience. Its sleek and slim black design adds an elegant touch to any living space, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The television's 4K Ultra HD display format, with a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160p, ensures a breathtaking picture quality that elevates the enjoyment of favorite series, movies, or live concert streaming.

Connectivity is seamless with a range of options, including Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, RF In, Bluetooth, and Optical Digital audio out. The user-friendly webOS 23 operating system makes navigation effortless, adding to the overall user experience. With a 43-inch diagonal screen, this TV brings entertainment to life with vibrant visuals, making it ideal for transforming one's home into an entertainment hub. The clarity and detail delivered by this television will undoubtedly leave users amazed, making every viewing moment a memorable one.

Experience cinema at home with TCL's 43" 4K HDR Dolby Vision Android Hands-Free TV

Elevate your home entertainment experience with TCL's 43" 4K HDR Dolby Vision Android Hands-Free TV. This cutting-edge television features the latest version of Google TV, bringing essential upgrades in speed and security to deliver a seamless and protected viewing experience. Accessing a plethora of options has never been easier, with over 7,000 apps and a vast library of 700,000+ shows and movies all available in one place, providing a pure and distraction-free TV experience.

Precision is at the forefront of TCL's TV design, showcasing a millimeter-thin stylish trim that enhances the overall aesthetic and provides a broader, wider sense of entertainment. Beyond style, the integrated build ensures durability, protecting against moisture and dust. The innovative rear pyramid design adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting performance.

Equipped with Certified Google TV, Wi-Fi connectivity, DTS-HD Decoding, and a range of input and output options, this 43-inch 4K UHD TV from TCL offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly package for all your entertainment needs. Whether you're into streaming favorite shows, gaming, or simply catching up on the news, TCL's TV guarantees enjoyment in style coupled with top-notch performance.

Level up your viewing experience with Devant's Full HD Smart TV

Devant 43" Full HD Smart TV

Ideal for transforming your space into an entertainment hub, Devant's Full HD Smart TV stands out with its sleek design and impressive features, making it the focal point of your home entertainment setup.

More than just a TV, Devant's Full HD Smart TV promises an exceptional viewing experience. Operating on the Vidaa U system, it ensures seamless navigation and provides a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, LAN, and Bluetooth. Boasting a 43-inch diagonal screen and a Full HD display format with a pixel resolution of 1920x1080p, it delivers stunning picture quality. The dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 adds depth to visuals, bringing content to life.

Whether you're into streaming, gaming, or simply enjoying your favorite programs, Devant's Full HD Smart TV is designed to elevate your viewing experience.

This holiday season, upgrading your home entertainment setup is made more accessible with these top-notch, best-selling TVs. Take advantage of Home Credit's 0% interest offer on various installment options for up to 18 months, allowing you to achieve your holiday goal of acquiring the best TV that suits your lifestyle.

For the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website., You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Shopping Mall Philippines.   

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).  




About Home Credit

Home Credit Philippines is the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, providing access to credit through fast, convenient, and affordable financing in more than 15,000 partner stores nationwide. The brand offers a wide range of products from smartphones and laptops, home appliances and furniture, bicycles, and motorcycle accessories to electronics and hardware, sports equipment, and many more – offered at low or 0% interest rates in easy monthly installments. 

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8 Reasons Why Xiaomi TV A Pro Series Is the Upgrade You Need

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Xiaomi TV A Pro Series

Unleash a world of visual and auditory excellence with Xiaomi TV A Pro Series, starting at only PHP 8,990

There’s a new TV in town, and it’s unlike any other. It’s the Xiaomi TV A Pro Series and it can show you the content you love, in the quality you deserve. It offers stunning visuals, rich sound, and a wide range of features that will make your home the perfect place to relax and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and games.

Xiaomi TV A Pro Series

Here are 8 reasons why you should upgrade to the new Xiaomi TV A Pro Series today:

1. Personalized Content with Google TV — No More Scrolling, Just Watching 
The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series is powered by Google TV, a smart platform that brings you personalized content based on your preferences. You don’t have to waste time browsing through endless menus and apps. Just sit back and enjoy the recommendations that Google TV has for you. You can also use your voice to search for anything you want to watch.

2. Cinema-like Experience with 4K and Dolby Vision — See Every Detail, Every Color 
With a 4K display and Dolby Vision support, the Xiaomi TV A Pro Series delivers stunning picture quality that rivals the cinema. You can watch your favorite movies and shows in vivid detail and color, as the director intended. No other TV can match the Xiaomi TV A Pro Series in delivering such a realistic and immersive picture quality.

3. Rich and Immersive Sound with Dolby Atmos and Surround Sound — Hear Every Sound, Feel Every Moment
The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series features Dolby Atmos and surround sound technology that complements the stunning visuals. You can immerse yourself in rich and multidimensional audio that fills your room and puts you in the center of the action. It’s not just watching; it’s experiencing.

4. Smooth and Fast Performance with Powerful Processor — No More Lagging, Just Enjoying 
The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series has a powerful processor that ensures smooth and fast performance. You can launch apps quickly, navigate easily, and multitask seamlessly. You can enjoy your shows and games without any interruptions or delays.

5. Sleek and Stylish Design — A Masterpiece in Every Frame 
The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series has a sleek and stylish design that enhances your living space. It has a premium metallic frame that gives it a modern and elegant look. It’s not just a TV; it’s a masterpiece.

6. Luxury Within Reach — Starting at Only PHP 8,990 
You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy top-tier entertainment. The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series is available online at amazing prices, starting from just PHP 8,990. Quality and affordability go hand in hand.

7. Find Your Perfect Fit — A Xiaomi TV for Every Room and Budget 
Xiaomi knows that different rooms need different TVs. That’s why the Xiaomi TV A Pro Series offers a variety of sizes to suit your space and style. Whether you want a small TV for your bedroom, a medium TV for your kitchen, or a large TV for your living room, you can find your perfect fit with Xiaomi. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. Let's explore the diverse size options and their corresponding prices:

32" - PHP 8,990: Ideal for smaller spaces or personal viewing
43" - PHP 16,990: A versatile choice for various room sizes
50" - PHP 20,990: It's a great size and won't break the bank
55" - PHP 22,990: A larger display for an immersive viewing 
65" - PHP 32,490: The crown jewel of your entertainment hub

8. Smart Home Integration - Connect Everything with Ease 
The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series is a great addition to your smart home. It works seamlessly with other smart home devices and services, so you can control everything with your voice or a few taps on your phone. The Xiaomi TV A Pro Series is not just a TV anymore—it’s the hub of your connected lifestyle.

In a world filled with entertainment options, Xiaomi’s TV A Pro Series isn’t just another choice; it’s the right choice. It comes with a generous warranty package, including 2 years for the TV and 6 months for accessories, ensuring your peace of mind.

For more information on the Xiaomi TV A Pro Series, please visit Xiaomi’s official website and Facebook page. Online purchases are available via Xiaomi’s Lazada and Shopee pages.

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Madiskarte Moms PH Community Celebrates Three years of Supporting Filipino Mompreneurs with Gawad Madiskarte 2023

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Madiskarte Moms PH Community Celebrates three years of supporting Filipino Mompreneurs with Gawad Madiskarte 2023

The community of women entrepreneurs, Madiskarte Moms PH (MMPH) is bringing back Gawad Madiskarte to honor outstanding mompreneurs with over P1 million worth of prizes including ASUS laptops, PLDT Homebroadband connection, one-year Canva Pro subscriptions, cash, and mentorship.

The awards showcase the success stories of mompreneurs who have subverted conventional expectations to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. Their businesses are innovative, creative, and run by very hardworking women who do double duty as the glue that holds the family together, runs their household and their business.

Major categories for this year’s Gawad Madiskarte include Diskarteng Angat (Fastest-Growing Business), Diskarteng Digital (Best Multi-Channel Business), and Diskarteng May Puso (Best Social Enterprise). Two major winners per category will be chosen from the Startup Division and Scale Up Division. The former are home or online businesses that recently started and show great potential. At the same time, the latter are businesses that have been running for at least 13 months and are registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Special awards will also be given to three deserving finalists. These awards are Diskarteng Malikhain (Most Creative Business Branding), Diskarteng Pasulong (Most Innovative Product), and Diskarteng Home Biz (Mompreneurs’ Choice Award).

Chosen by industry luminaries

The judges for this year’s Gawad Madiskarte come from the business, telco, communications, and creative industries. Maxine Loyola, AVP & Head of PLDT Home Marketing Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Brand Advocacies, has launched the biggest marketing campaigns for the Philippine Internet—from dial-up to prepaid internet cards, DSL, and finally the Fiber broadband we enjoy today.


Joining her are entrepreneurs Jorge Wieneke and Jenny Wieneke, who are Mr. and Mrs. Negosyo and PLDT Home Biz ambassadors. Jorge is a GoNegosyo Angelpreneur who serves as a consultant to aspiring and starting entrepreneurs all over the country; he also created Kalye Negosyo, a mentoring program for budding entrepreneurs. Jenny is an advertising expert with over 30 years of experience building brands and has been a PCE-GoNegosyo mentor since 2015. Entrepreneur Janine Khazaiealiabady, owner of Massage MNL, started her career at a fast food and moved to marketing and online commerce before founding Massage MNL five years ago.


From the creative and marketing industries, the judges are Donna Nievera-Conda, Maisie Littaua, and Marjorie Barretto. 

Nievera-Conda leads the integrated marketing communications agency Stratworks as President and co-CEO, and ID8, a digital publishing agency.

Littaua is the Head of Growth for Canva Philippines, a free online visual communication and collaboration platform launched in 2013. Today, Canva has grown to over 135 million monthly active users across 190 countries, with more than 200 designs created per second.

Barretto, actress, and entrepreneur, launched her own online home and clothing brand Everything Avery during the pandemic and opened her stunning River Garden Rest House for private rentals—a true-blue madiskarte mom.


Winners of this year’s Gawad Madiskarte will receive a trophy created by sculptor Ram Mallari, who works with discarded metal and forms them into provocative works of art in the steampunk style.


Mallari grew up in an impoverished district of Manila with his mother, whom he describes as “madiskarte,” and dedicates his Gawad Madiskarte design to all mompreneurs and his own mother.


Celebrating three years of supporting Filipino mompreneurs

Gawad Madiskarte also ushers in the third year of Madiskarte Moms PH as it welcomes more members to its current 162,000-strong base. An online community, MMPH manages a Facebook group and YouTube channel that gives valuable insights into finding business opportunities for all moms, whether they are stay-at-home or have day jobs and are looking for a side hustle to augment the family income.

MMPH’s online platforms also showcase the success stories of their members and how they can take advantage of social media to market and sell their products. But beyond digital interactions, MMPH is fostering economic growth in communities by nurturing a generation of mompreneurs who contribute to everyone’s success.

Mompreneurs are doers, a force for positive change and empowerment. Two of the most heartfelt messages from their stories are that opportunities are everywhere and that inspiration can come from one’s experience.

Their stories are all different and the women take different paths to get their businesses off the ground and scale up. But one thing that threads these experiences together is an openness to learn and to be part of a community that celebrates all their efforts and ideas.

“Our small business has become our primary source of income,” one mom said. “With it, we are able to pay our bills every month and even have some savings.”

We all can learn lessons from these inspiring moms, and Gawad Madiskarte urges us to celebrate them all.

Know more about Gawad Madiskarte and the inspiring moms of Madiskarte Moms PH by visiting

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Kada-kada Like A Panda at Davao’s 38th Kadayawan Festival

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foodpanda, the online food and grocery platform, has added its signature pink shade to Davao's colorful Kadayawan festival. The Kadayawan Festival, which showcases Davao's 11 tribes, is a celebration of gratitude for nature's offerings, the richness of culture, the abundance of harvest, and the peace of life. This year's annual celebration is the 38th, with the theme "Colors of Abundance, Vibrance of Diversity, Festival of Festivals."

Kada-kada Like A Panda at Davao’s 38th Kadayawan Festival

Kada-kada Like A Panda at Davao’s 38th Kadayawan Festival

During the Kadayawan Festival, foodpanda provided exceptional experiences for both loyal app users and potential subscribers. Through their Kada-kada Like A Panda initiative, they unveiled delightful surprises and engaging activities designed to enhance the festive atmosphere. You can see the highlights of foodpanda at the Kadayawan Festival in this video:

Patricia Jacinto, foodpanda Philippines Growth & Marketing Director, expressed her enthusiasm to the company’s involvement in the week-long celebration. “foodpanda was thrilled to have immersed ourselves in the vibrant Kadayawan festivities. By actively participating in various Kadayawan events, we hope we were able to bring added joy and a slew of prizes to both the Dabawenyos and loyal app users.” 

foodpanda also played an important role in some of the festival's competitions. They served as a special judge in events such as Indak Indak, Hiyas ng Kadayawan, and Hudyaka sa Kadayawan. With this involvement, foodpanda awarded special prizes to individual or group contestants who demonstrated outstanding performances, deepening its connection with the community and the festival's traditions. 

Starting with the Kadayawan celebrations, foodpanda collaborated with local favourite Mamastill Atbp. for the "Pay It Forward Free Pastil" project, which was held in the bustling Roxas Night Market. Pastil, a popular local delicacy, was distributed to everyone who contributed to the night market, including hardworking vendors, vigilant police officers, special task force members, and tireless street sweepers. Enjoy this gastronomic video from Mamastill Atbp. here.

For more information about foodpanda and the incredible offers available, visit the official website at Also like and follow the official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube.

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One Meralco Foundation Energizes Rice Mill of Farming Community in Davao De Oro

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Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) members in Laak, Davao de Oro.

BETTER INCOME OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL. One Meralco Foundation President Jeffrey O. Tarayao leads the launch of the agriculture and livelihood electrification program for Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) members in Laak, Davao de Oro. 

A rural farming cooperative in the town of Laak in Davao de Oro has ramped up its livelihood operations following the energization assistance provided by the One Meralco Foundation (OMF), resulting in better income opportunities for members of the local community. 

The project involves the installation of a 5.1-kilowatt peak solar photovoltaic system for the rice milling facility of the Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO), whose operations have long been challenged by the lack of reliable power supply. 

With the new solar facility, the cooperative has increased its production by over threefold to over 100 sacks of milled rice daily from around 30 sacks per day previously. The boost in rice mill production also provides additional capital for farmers to sustain their crops throughout the planting season.

LAMPCO General Manager Edesa Morante said the energization assistance provided by OMF also allowed the cooperative to cater to more community members. 

“While power is a basic need, the impact it generates to our organization and the community magnifies how power in its basic form can change lives and make it better. We are now moving forward as a multipurpose cooperative and along with us are the many households that depend on our services. The benefits we gained from the energization will ripple to our members and the rest of the communities we serve,” Morante said.

Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) Rice Mill Farming
BOOSTING PRODUCTIVITY. Members of the Laak Multipurpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) in Laak, Davao de Oro prepare to mill rice grains or palay following the electrification assistance of the One Meralco Foundation. The new solar facility has allowed the cooperative to increase its production by over threefold to over 100 sacks of milled rice daily from around 30 sacks per day before. 

The energization of agriculture and livelihood projects is among the initiatives of OMF under its community electrification program which also covers off-grid public schools, low-income households in the Meralco franchise area, rural health centers, and water access. 

“Lack of electricity continues to be a challenge for many communities especially in rural Philippines. The agriculture and livelihood electrification is an expansion of our community electrification program that fosters inclusivity and equitable access to basic services powered by sustainable and renewable energy solution,” OMF President Jeffrey O. Tarayao said. 

As the corporate social development arm of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), OMF is committed to providing access to energy to as many underserved communities as possible as part of its mission to spreading the light.



Meralco is the largest electric power distribution company and the largest private sector utility in the Philippines. Through  a Consolidated Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, Meralco provides electric service within its franchise  coverage. Its subsidiaries are engaged in engineering and consulting, construction, bills payments and other electricity related services. A subsidiary is in the process of developing the Company’s power generation portfolio.  

Meralco is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: MER). Meralco has the largest market capitalization among the  Philippine listed utility and power sector companies. Further information is available at

Meralco is committed to data protection and privacy. To know more about how the Company protects personal data, please  visit

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ECHO Proud wins Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League Philippines Season 1

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ECHO Proud wins Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League Philippines Season 1

ECHO Proud wins the first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League - Philippines (MDL-PH). Held fully online, the competition saw ECHO Proud dominating the best-of-five (Bo5) series against GameLab, taking home the most-coveted title and the lion's share of USD 20,000 or approximately PHP 1,080,000.

With a score of 3:1, ECHO Proud was hailed the very first champions of MDL Philippines. Meanwhile, ECHO's Jay Pee "Jaypee" Gonzalez has been declared as the Grand Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP). Blacklist Academy and BREN Euphoria settled for third and fourth finishes.
"Sobrang saya sa feeling namin. Gusto talaga namin makuha ang championship sa first season ng MDL Philippines kasi mahirap syang makalimutan. First MDL sa Pilipinas at kami ang nanalo," said Jaypee during the MDL Philippines grand finals press conference.
ECHO Proud is headed by its Coach Limuelle "eLLE" Galera. The team paraded strong esports athletes namely Johnville "Outplayed" Villar, Jankurt "KurtTzy" Seralvo, Jay Pee "Jaypee" Gonzalez, James "Jeymz" Gloria, and Amistoso "Seichu" Lope.
The inaugural season of MDL Philippines recorded a peak concurrent viewership of more than 32,000 views. 
Get to know more about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Developmental League - Philippines by visiting its official Facebook platform:
Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang PhilippinesiOS and Play Store.

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An MLBB-Themed Carnival Event is Happening this Weekend! Here's How to Join!

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Music Carnival

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Philippines will mount its first MLBB-themed music carnival event to gather users around Metro Manila on April 22, 2023, in Market Market, Taguig. The event will be spearheaded by famous artists and MLBB creators ChooxTV, Jelai Andres, Buboy Villar, and a secret bida who have been part of the Be The Bida campaign that aims to encourage users to be their own superstar.

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Music Carnival

The one-day event will be packed with exciting activities designed to help participants unleash their talents and meet other MLBB users. The venue is also specially crafted to give them the chance to experience the virtual MLBB world in real life and how to be the main character in MLBB through challenges.

Those who wish to participate in the event can go to Market! Market! and enter the venue for FREE. Fans will see fun activations such as the Bida Wall that allows them to take photos in an ALLSTAR-themed photo booth. Fans will also go through the MLBB Minion Lane Maze up to the 360 rotating photo stage to take photos with Miya.

In-game turrets are also stationed to be destroyed by participants. Apart from the towers, a lucky wheel will give awesome prizes such as limited-edition merch items and ALLSTAR-themed rewards.

Meanwhile, the Main Stage will host exciting show matches and meet and greet with the invited MLBB personalities, including popular esports players from ECHO namely Karl Gabriel "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno and Tristan "Yawi" Cabrera.

Simultaneously, the in-game event ALLSTAR Last Encore runs until 30 April 2023 to give players high-value in-game rewards. To participate, log in to MLBB application, complete Wish Tasks to get Wish Skin Fragments during the event, and exchange them for any of the returning event-exclusive skins.

Know more about the ALLSTAR Be The Bida campaign by following Mobile Legends: Bang Bang through the following links: