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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

April 06, 2019 0 Comments
I started experiencing anxiety attack last year... I really don't like what I'm feeling when I'm having panic attacks/anxiety attacks... My heart beats really fast and I got so worried and so afraid... I just can't explain how I really feel but I definitely don't want to feel it again... So, I've searched online on how to overcome this feeling. While reading articles and blogs about stress, anxiety and depression, I have learned about YOGA and it's benefits. Yoga can help clear our minds, improves flexibility, strength and posture, reduce stress, breathe better, increase energy, weight loss and so much more...

Stumbled on this video, Yoga For Anxiety and Stress and thought of trying it and see if there's an improvement.

Here are some Yoga Poses that I saw online and thought of trying a few of these pose everyday. Hmmm... Let's see in a few days if I can do these poses too. I'm going to start with the yellow ones first since I am still a beginner. I hope I can do this regularly...

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