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Saturday, May 14, 2022

GoGo Xpress Provides Reliable and Next-level Solutions to Online Futurepreneurs

May 14, 2022 0 Comments
The past two years have borne witness to the rise of nano and micro online businesses. Due to the pandemic lockdown restrictions, people turned to e-commerce to fulfill their everyday needs and purchases, spurring the growth in social sellers and e-commerce as a whole. 

Success in e-commerce depends on very reliable logistics. It’s not just about moving products from one place to another, but about doing it in the fastest yet most cost-efficient manner is of critical importance, and for a country separated by many islands, this can be highly challenging. 

GoGO Xpress GoBenta

QuadX is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce tech and logistics service providers in the country. They service all market segments from marketplaces, cross-border commerce, and payment collection and settlement. QuadX is the company behind these brands:  ShippingCart, XPay, and GoGo Xpress.

During the recent media launch of GoGo Xpress with the theme, “Next Level Social Selling with GoGo Xpress,” the company's Founder and CEO, Dino Araneta, shared GoGo Xpress's vision of uplifting the livelihood of Filipinos through entrepreneurship and supporting Filipino sellers, especially those who are into online or social selling.

GoGo Xpress

“We want to help give Filipino entrepreneurs a fighting chance in fulfilling their dreams so they can provide for themselves and their families while improving their quality of life,” said Araneta.

To realize this vision, GoGo Xpress has invested in the data and technology needed to make the company’s vision come true for GoGo Xpress Partners, which includes casual social sellers, buyers, and rider partners. GoGo Xpress wants to make it easier for every Filipino to go into business or continuously grow their existing businesses.

GoGo Xpress is a go-to hassle-free online selling partner. Online Sellers who promote via social media can use GoGo Xpress to create a storefront where they can have their customers view and check out the item, immediately book Pinas-wide delivery, and settle the payment."

Even during the most difficult times of the pandemic, GoGo Xpress made it convenient for sellers to deliver their goods to their buyers. All they had to do was make a booking and GoGo Xpress would pick up the parcels on the same day if they made a booking before the 2pm cut-off and the following day if they booked after the cut-off. Upon booking, GoGo Xpress would inform the buyer about it and make updates after parcel pick-up and on the delivery day.

For 2022, GoGo Xpress is leveling up with more Seller Tool features that would further help grow online businesses.

One of these tools is GoBenta, an enhancement to GoGo Xpress’s Sell-A-Product feature, which allows Sellers to create up to 100 product links that would include descriptions, stock availability, and price within the GoBenta storefront. Aside from this, sellers can link their GoBenta store to their Facebook Page's chat with Messenger Shop or just share the link on their social media, so Online Buyers can easily visit, and check out items they wish to purchase.  Meanwhile, buyers can input their delivery details aside from choosing COD as a mode of payment. That makes it more efficient on the Seller’s side as they don't need to fill in the delivery details for their buyers. This means more efficiency and accuracy and fewer mistakes in delivery. Thanks to this feature, Buyers can know immediately how much the shipping fee is and have the option to choose COD without having to pay a COD service fee. Sellers using GoGo Xpress can also create their own special discounts for the items they are promoting with the Promo Code Generator. This way, they get to create their own exclusive offers for their customers during their Sale period. 

“As of today, we have successfully connected almost 1.

5 million casual social sellers to over 20 million buyers. As an e-commerce tech and logistics company, we offer seller tools that provide a hassle-free way of doing business. Right now, we are leveling up with more features and seller tools that would benefit our merchants and their customers,” said Mia Bulatao, President and Chief Operating Officer of GoGo Xpress.

For 2022, Bulatao said GoGo Xpress projects to grow its customer base and make the online buying and selling experience enjoyable to over 3M sellers and 40M buyers.

"With a GoBenta storefront, sellers can customize their store names and upload their own brand logos. They can also use the product links to promote their store and products on their social media platforms, including Facebook, FB Messenger Shop, FB Marketplace, KUMU, Carousell, Viber, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Email, and SMS,” said Bulatao.

McCoy Jacinto, GoGo Xpress Managing Director, said 2,500 shops have so far been created on GoBenta and the number is growing by 15% week-on-week.

“It’s easy to navigate and it’s very user-friendly,” said Drew of Furry Good Pet Supplies.

"Making product links is so easy compared with having to think of graphic designs for my online shop. I just need a picture, a short description and I'm done," said Iris of The Square Peg Shop.

"Our objective is to provide Merchants with Selling Tools that would make online selling and shopping more fun, more affordable, and more efficient without being intimidating," said Bulatao.

GoGo Xpress Xorting Machine in Pasig

Xorting Machine in Pasig

For more information, visit  GoGo Xpress’s Website at and like their Facebook page at



GoGo Xpress is your Go-To Hassle-Free Social Selling Partner in the Philippines that is specifically designed and built for social and casual sellers.  It provides affordable on-time nationwide delivery service including Free Pouches & Boxes, Free Cash on Delivery service, Free pick-up, Free Item Protection (for items worth P500 & below), and user-friendly dashboards to directly monitor orders, sales, and earnings.