Friday, November 1, 2013

On Halloween

This year my baby Miel didn't get the chance to do the Trick or Treat and attend the Halloween Party in her dad's office. Well, we'll try next year if we can... I haven't made a post on our Halloween experience last year, so I am going to make one now since it's Halloween. Hehehe...

Last year's Halloween was great, Miel's Halloween costume is a tiger and she really looks cute on it. It was his cousin's costume before and my sister-in-law let us borrow it. I made a Digital Scrapbook of it for remembrance...

Our cutie little tiger's first Halloween party... :)

It was October 28, 2012 when we went to SM Lanang Premier and attended the Animaland Party and we are so happy when our baby Miel was chosen and nominated as one of the Top 10 for Best in Costume! We didn't win though but we're still happy and enjoyed every moment of it...

Dylan, Miel's cousin wore a spider costume and they both look cute together. We can't help but take lots of pictures of them... This is one of the photos in Abreeza's Halloween Photo Op. We went to Abreeza to join the Trick or Treat. It's our first time to join an event like this and our babies are so happy whenever someone gives them goodies. It was tiring though, walking around the mall but it was worth it... 

Here's our family picture... Daddy just went after his work so he didn't got time to dress up, I on the other hand wore a zebra printed pants and a white blouse with black and white printed gilet.

A Digital Scrapbook that I made during the Halloween Party at Concentrix last October 31, 2012... :) Miel still uses the tiger costume and Dylan as the spider... :)

Miel: Hey mom, I belong... ;)

I hope next year we will be able to join the party and trick or treat... Meanwhile, here's a photo of Miel as a Princess... :)

My Little Princess... :)

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