Monday, August 12, 2019

Mammillaria Beneckei a.k.a. Fish Hook Cactus Flower

Hello everyone! My Mammillaria Beneckei a.k.a. Fish Hook Cactus has already bloomed and the color of it's flower is... Yellow! It's my first time to see it's beauty since I last blogged about it in year 2017. I've been waiting for my fishhook cactus to bloom and it took 2 years for it to mature and finally had its flower. Yay! :)

Before it Bloomed...

I can't help to stare at it for so long because it's beauty is captivating. It's flower didn't last long by the way, it only bloomed for one day... But I am thankful, I have seen its beauty, hopefully its offspring will also bloom soon. :)

By the way, here's my previous blog post about Mammillaria Beneckei a.k.a. Fish Hook Cactus.


  1. Can fishhook cactus bloom in tropical country?
    It's have been almost 5 year I think but my mammillaria beneckei still not blooming 😞

    Sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi, Nana! Yes, Fishhook cactus can bloom in tropical country because I live in the Philippines which is a tropical country. I don't know why your plant hasn't bloom yet, there maybe some factors like soil, issue with lighting/sunlight, water, etc... I can't determine why, but I think it will bloom when it's time. Just continue to take care of it... By the way, have you tried giving it fertilizer?